Sentry Small Column Protector

Item Number: 70227 Catalog Image

Column Sentry® Small column protector is designed to fit around H, square, or round columns up to 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" in diameter. The outside diameter is 14". Units are 42" tall. Made to order in 2-3 weeks.

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Sentry Large Column Protector

Item Number: 70224 Catalog Image

Column Sentry® Large column protector is designed to fit around H, square, or round columns up to 14" x 14" or 16" x 16" in diameter. The outside diameter is 33". Units are 42" tall. Made to order in 2-3 weeks.

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$455.00 EA$413.00 EA

Rack Sentry Contour

Item Number: 70240 Catalog Image

Rack Sentry RSC75 or RSC80 are designed to protect pallet rack columns that measure 3" or 3.25" respectively. Made of a flexible EVA these guards are easily installed in minutes without tools or drilling and have been tested with 5,000 lb forklifts at speeds up to 3 mph without harm to rack or protector. Bumpers measure 18" tall and 3" deep. Sold in cases of 6 per carton, ship UPS.


$195.00 CA$177.00 CA

HDPE Pallet Rack Protectors

Item Number: 70203 Catalog Image

Installation is literally a snap (and a bolt) for these HDPE rack upright protectors, available in 3 colors and 3 heights. They are a great way to eliminate painting and protect your racks at the same time. 3" x 2" usable size.


$14.50 EA$14.30 EA$14.00 EA

Low Profile Stainless Guard

Item Number: 70208 Catalog Image

These low profile end of aisle rack guards are welded constructed of 304 stainless steel. Base size is 3' wide x 9" high with 4½" diameter tube, other sizes in drop down box below. There are 4 predrilled holes for ¾" dia anchors! Made to order in 2 weeks.





Oversized Baseplate Outrigger Deflector

Item Number: 70210 Catalog Image

Guard your pallet rack against outrigger damage with protectors that fit snug. Allows sides to ride above extended baseplates while maintaining a compact design. Anchors with 3/4" concrete anchor (not included). Features Yellow powder coat finish on 1/4" thick steel.

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Column Sentry Fit

Item Number: 70236 Catalog Image

New Column Sentry FIT column protectors, 2 sizes cover the gamut of columns whether they are square.round, or rectangular. Small version fits 4" to 8" and the medium fits 8" to 12" columns. Both are 42" tall and secure with updated Velcro straps.

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