Slim Column Protector

Item Number: 70100 Catalog Image

Eagle Model 1704 features a slim profile for 4"-6" columns, a good guard choice for mezzanines, small columns, and areas with limited space. 42" tall, yellow HDPE blow molded construction.


Short Column Protector

Item Number: 70101 Catalog Image

Eagle Model 1724 utilizes it's 24" short height to guard your building columns, a good plan for columns that have fire extinguishers, or other items mounted that interfere with standard height column protectors. Available for most column sizes, your choice of yellow or red blow molded HDPE.


Standard Yellow Column Protectors

Item Number: 70109 Catalog Image

Eagle's Model 1706 to 1712 is the standard Blow Molded Yellow HDPE column protector to guard your building. Standard 42" height by 24" x 24". Secured with black Velcro straps


HiVis Column Protector

Item Number: 70114 Catalog Image

Taking it step beyond Eagle's standard Model 1706 column protectors are these guards enhanced with High Visibility Blow Molded HDPE and reflective assembly straps.





Rack End Protectors

Item Number: 70020 Catalog Image

Wrap around  design protects rack from front and aisle damage, units anchor to floor to isolate impact from forklifts & vehicles that were made to destroy your investment in pallet rack. Column is made of 3/8" formed plate,  is 3/8" structural angle completes the assembly. Angle has four 3/4" holes ready for anchoring. 48" depth illustrated. Powder coat finish in 4 colors. Made to order in 2 weeks. Right hand is illustrated below.

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$116.99 EA$111.99 EA$105.99 EA

Column Rack Guards Base Plate Style

Item Number: 70170 Catalog Image

Protect your pallet rack investment, these 1/4" thick powder coat safety orange (or optional yellow ) steel guards anchor to the floor to protect your upright frames from forklift damage. Wedge shape nose design deflects impacts before they reach your racking. Standard height is 12". Requires four (4) 1/2" x 3.75" anchors not included.  18" & 24" sizes available. Made to order in 3-4 weeks.


$21.95 EA$20.50 EA$18.25 EA

Column Sentry Fit

Item Number: 70236 Catalog Image

New Column Sentry FIT column protectors, 2 sizes cover the gamut of columns whether they are square.round, or rectangular. Small version fits 4" to 8" and the medium fits 8" to 12" columns. Both are 42" tall and secure with updated Velcro straps.



Sentry Extra Large Column Protectors

Item Number: 70225 Catalog Image

These extra large column protectors will guard those huge building columns! They measure 38" in diameter, are 42" tall and come molded to accept one of three column sizes: 18" square, 20" square, or 12" x 24" rectangular.  Made to order.



18 square  20 square  rectangle


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Sentry Column Protector FE

Item Number: 70223 Catalog Image

The Sentry® brand FE series column protectors offers protection to your building column and a place to properly position a fire extinguisher. The 24" dia x 42" high column proctors incorporate cut outs 10" wide by 8" deep, netting in a height of 34" to accommodate OSHA regulations. Made to order.

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Sentry Medium Column Protectors

Item Number: 70229 Catalog Image

Column Sentry protection products are 42" tall and are made of linear low-density polyethylene at a 0.25" wall thickness.  Each has a set of nylon straps attached to wrap around and hold the two sides together. Made to order in 2-3 weeks.

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