Steel guards for pallet rack protection from forklift damage at the end of aisles

 Due to Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, pricing is subject to change. Affected items will be quoted for approval prior to being released.

Rack End Protectors

Item Number: 70020 Catalog Image

Wrap around  design protects rack from front and aisle damage, units anchor to floor to isolate impact from forklifts & vehicles that were made to destroy your investment in pallet rack. Column is made of 3/8" formed plate,  is 3/8" structural angle completes the assembly. Angle has four 3/4" holes ready for anchoring. 48" depth illustrated. Powder coat finish in 4 colors. Made to order in 2 weeks. Right hand is illustrated below.

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42" Rack Guard - Double Ended

Item Number: 70021 Catalog Image

Just like our 70020, but with double ends for those single aisles that forklifts just can't seem to miss.




Low Profile Stainless Guard

Item Number: 70208 Catalog Image

These low profile end of aisle rack guards are welded constructed of 304 stainless steel. Base size is 3' wide x 9" high with 4½" diameter tube, other sizes in drop down box below. There are 4 predrilled holes for ¾" dia anchors! Made to order in 2 weeks.