Guards include Steel and Plastic products to protect pallet rack upright columns from forklift damage. The damage can come from forks, counterweights, straddle legs, or the loads being carried. Different approaches depend on your application. Feel free to call to discuss your needs.

Due to Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, pricing is subject to change. Affected items will be quoted for approval prior to being released.

Column Rack Guards Base Plate Style

Item Number: 70170 Catalog Image

Protect your pallet rack investment, these 1/4" thick powder coat safety orange (or optional yellow ) steel guards anchor to the floor to protect your upright frames from forklift damage. Wedge shape nose design deflects impacts before they reach your racking. Standard height is 12". Requires four (4) 1/2" x 3.75" anchors not included.  18" & 24" sizes available. Made to order in 3-4 weeks.


$21.95 EA$20.50 EA$18.25 EA

Pallet Rack Column Guards Bolt On Style

Item Number: 70160 Catalog Image

Flush mount eliminates catch points, equipped with an effective outrigger deflector. Fits 3" wide columns and protects your uprights to 24" from floor. Powder coat safety Yellow. Secured with two T-bolts, nuts, and one floor anchor. Nuts & bolts included, anchors are extra. In stock for quick shipment. Call for larger quantity pricing.

World Guard Top View                 Sketch


$26.00 EA$23.00 EA$20.50 EA

Outrigger Deflector

Item Number: 70162 Catalog Image

Got a problem with reach truck or straddle truck outriggers busting up your pallet rack? These 5/16" thick guards will keep those forklift straddle arms from getting a direct hit without decreasing the available space between upright frames, unlike conventional pallet rack protectors. The ¾" anchor (not included) is located within the nose section. Powder coat yellow finish. In stock.




$10.99 EA$9.75 EA$8.50 EA

Super Duty Rack Protector

Item Number: 70035 Catalog Image

Protect your rack column or any post with these Super Duty Rack protectors constructed of structural steel components. Available in 4" or 5" channel designs. Anchor with ½" x 3¾" concrete anchors. Limited quantities in stock for immediate shipment. Call for other heights or volume pricing.



Soft Oval Rack Protector

Item Number: 70161 Catalog Image

These post protectors feature a soft oval shape to guard you pallet rack uprights, the generous 4" opening will accommodate most standard sizes. 6mm baseplate with 5mm upright construction has four 5/8" anchor holes (½" x  3.75" wedge anchors - not included).5.75" opening model available for 12" height, Call. In Stock.

       Backview PP24  Sketch    shipping




$21.00 EA$19.00 EA$18.00 EA

Seismic Base Plate Rack Guard

Item Number: 70001 Catalog Image

These "V" nosed 12" tall rack protectors are stretched out to accommodate the wide base plates associated with pallet racking for use in hazardous seismic areas to protect upright columns. Stock size features an 8.25" opening. For quantities over 25 or sizes not listed, call.




$35.25 EA$32.50 EA$29.25 EA

4" Column Protector

Item Number: 70002 Catalog Image

These "V" nosed 12", 18", or 24" tall rack protectors are stretched out to protect 4" wide pallet rack columns. Anchor with 4ea ½" x 3.75" concrete anchors (not included). Stock size features an 5.5" opening, Lead Free Yellow Paint, Made in the USA. For quantities over 25 or sizes not listed, call.





Rack Sentry

Item Number: 70240 Catalog Image

Rack Sentry RS75 or RS80 are designed to protect pallet rack columns that measure 3" or 3.5" respectively. Made of a flexible EVA these guards are easily installed in minutes without tools or drilling and have been tested with 5,000 lb forklifts at speeds up to 3 mph without harm to rack or protector. Bumpers measure 18" tall and 3" deep. Low Temp version recommended for environments below 0 degrees Celsius. Sold in cases of 18 per carton and less than 4 cartons ship UPS.



Rack Sentry End of Rack

Item Number: 70243 Catalog Image

Rack Sentry  Corner Guard RS75END product offers 270 degrees of protection.  It is designed to install on the end of the pallet rack installation and can protect both the front and the vulnerable end from collisions.  18"  high, installed with 2 included hook & loop straps.  Rack Sentry Corner guards ideally fits on 3" wide  uprights, but it is possible to apply this to different width uprights. Low Temp version recommended for environments below 0 degrees Celsius. Sold in cases of 16 per carton and less than 4 cartons ship UPS.


HDPE Pallet Rack Protectors

Item Number: 70203 Catalog Image

Installation is literally a snap (and a bolt) for these HDPE rack upright protectors, available in 3 colors and 3 heights. They are a great way to eliminate painting and protect your racks at the same time. 3" x 2" usable size.


$17.50 EA$15.00 EA$14.00 EA