42" Rack Guard - Double Ended

Item Number: 70021 Catalog Image

Just like our 70020, but with double ends for those single aisles that forklifts just can't seem to miss.




Soft Oval Rack Protector

Item Number: 70161 Catalog Image

These post protectors feature a soft oval shape to guard you pallet rack uprights, the generous 4" opening will accommodate most standard sizes. 6mm baseplate with 5mm upright construction has four 5/8" anchor holes (½" x  3.75" wedge anchors - not included).5.75" opening model available for 12" height, Call. In Stock.

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$21.00 EA$19.00 EA$18.00 EA

Seismic Base Plate Rack Guard

Item Number: 70001 Catalog Image

These "V" nosed 12" tall rack protectors are stretched out to accommodate the wide base plates associated with pallet racking for use in hazardous seismic areas to protect upright columns. Stock size features an 8.25" opening. For quantities over 25 or sizes not listed, call.




$35.25 EA$32.50 EA$29.25 EA

4" Column Protector

Item Number: 70002 Catalog Image

These "V" nosed 12", 18", or 24" tall rack protectors are stretched out to protect 4" wide pallet rack columns. Anchor with 4ea ½" x 3.75" concrete anchors (not included). Stock size features an 5.5" opening, Lead Free Yellow Paint, Made in the USA. For quantities over 25 or sizes not listed, call.





Compact Seismic Rack Guard

Item Number: 70025 Catalog Image

This unit is compact since the base plate is located in front of your over-sized base plate allows a snug fit to upright columns up to 3.25" wide. This 12" tall Yellow guard is constructed with 7 gauge steel, the raised base plate is designed to install over seismic designed rack. Stock Item ships UPS in quantities of 8 or less. Larger quantities ship LTL.


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$24.00 EA$22.90 EA$21.80 EA

Yellow Jacket Rack Protectors

Item Number: 70190 Catalog Image

Yellow Jacket rack protectors attach to your pallet Rack upright columns in 9" increments. So you can stack them as high as you need! Includes attachment fasteners. Sold in cartons of 24. Ships in 1-2 days. UPS shippable.

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$9.95 EA$8.45 EA$5.95 EA

Economy Universal Column Protector

Item Number: 70150 Catalog Image

These 12" tall pallet rack guards are essentially the same as our standard 70170 but offer a savings by utilizing .220" steel in the upright portion vs .250". They still feature ¼" base plate and are stocked in a yellow paint finish. Protectors utilize 4 ea 1/2" x 3" anchors (optional). Ships in 2 days.


$19.88 EA$18.66 EA$16.95 EA

Sentry Extra Large Column Protectors

Item Number: 70225 Catalog Image

These extra large column protectors will guard those huge building columns! They measure 38" in diameter, are 42" tall and come molded to accept one of three column sizes: 18" square, 20" square, or 12" x 24" rectangular.  Made to order.



18 square  20 square  rectangle


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$633.00 EA$575.00 EA

Sentry Column Protector FE

Item Number: 70223 Catalog Image

The Sentry® brand FE series column protectors offers protection to your building column and a place to properly position a fire extinguisher. The 24" dia x 42" high column proctors incorporate cut outs 10" wide by 8" deep, netting in a height of 34" to accommodate OSHA regulations. Made to order.

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$357.00 EA$324.00 EA

Sentry Medium Column Protectors

Item Number: 70229 Catalog Image

Column Sentry protection products are 42" tall and are made of linear low-density polyethylene at a 0.25" wall thickness.  Each has a set of nylon straps attached to wrap around and hold the two sides together. Made to order in 2-3 weeks.

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$357.00 EA$324.00 EA